Visualize your team engagement by analyzing chat conversations — and everything is in automatic.

One way to build an excellent organization is to examine the communication characteristics of the team and lead them to practice methods that lead to results rather than relying on individual abilities.

Our slack bot A; provides insight to optimize your team communication and to create a strong organization by easily visualizing your team engagement.


Features of A;

Connecting to team's Slack, A; automatically visualizes your teamwork by analyzing chat conversation and behavioral data.


Visualize "Connection"

A; quantifies the amount of each member's chat communication and make it clear the degree of involvement among other members.

Visualize "Emotion"

By analyzing team's chat conversation through Natural Language Processing(NLP), A; would help you to understand the team members' emotional condition.

Visualize "Action"

A; automatically collects comments tagged as "#a" during chatting into "Daily Report." It can be used as memo for yourself or as daily report for your team members.


"A; helps us to understand our teamwork and member relationship from another perspective."
— Manager, EC Site Operating Company

"Since A; automatically visualizes the team condition, it is very easy to use and you do not have to do any additional work."
— Web Media Manager company manager

"Since it is no longer necessary to write a daily report;, A; makes it possible for me to devote more time on essential work."
— Web Service Development Company Engineer