Visualize your team engagement by analyzing chat conversations — and everything is in automatic.

One way to build an excellent organization is to examine the communication characteristics of the team and lead them to practice methods that lead to results rather than relying on individual abilities. Our slack bot A; provides insight to optimize your team communication and to create a strong organization by easily visualizing your team engagement.


Features of A;

Connecting to team's Slack, A; automatically visualizes your teamwork by analyzing chat conversation and behavioral data.

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Visualize "Connection"

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Visualize "Emotion"

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Visualize "Action"

How to Use

Easy to use. After registering with Slack, you just start by inviting bot A; to your channel.

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See the Connection

A; measures and visualizes team condition and quantifies the amount of each member's chat communication and make it clear the degree of involvement among other members.

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See the Emotion

A; analyze the emotional tendency, positive/negative degree, using Natural Language Processing technology. You can instantly grasp members' mental biorhythm based on chat conversation.

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Share the Idea

Automatically collect all comments with tagged #a on your chat. You use it like a daily report so that you can look back on notes later and share it with your team.

Customer Voice

Predicting the risk of project progress by analyzing team member's emotional tendency. Quote start

In many cases at my company, work project is done by bundling dozens of remote workers both in Japan and overseas. There is always a possibility that gaps arise among members in the sense of perceptions about task sharing.
By grasping the communication characteristics between members in real time through A;, we try to detect the problem early and correct in advance if needed.

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Keigo Saito, Customer Success/Kaizen Platform